Vans Sneaker Design Contest

Here’s a look into our entry in the Vans Custom Culture Contest. Go BCCP@Robe!!

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Robeson students at the 2014 YouthBridge conference

Students fromPaul Robeson Campus HS participated in social justice discussions at this year’s YouthBridge Youth Summit.

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Student Short Documentary Looks at Gang Activity

BCCP participants Armiya Padgett and Detra Johnson spearheaded this mini-documentary about a problem that continues to plague our neighborhoods: gang violence.

Two More Student PSA’s

Two more PSAs from Robeson students:


Student PSA: Suicide Prevention

From two of the creators, Keziah Johnson and Detra Johnson:

A PSA is a public service announcement. It’s like a commercial for an idea. This PSA is about suicide, a tragic activity teenagers sometimes fall victim to. We chose to help spread word to stop this act.

Many people, young and old, commit suicide for different reasons such as being bullied or stressed or suffering mental health issues, amongst other things.

Doing this video was an experience within itself.  Doing research on statistics helped us to get a better understanding of it.  We learned that suicide claims more than 30,00 lives a year alone.  Though the suicides were carried out different ways and for different reasons, they are still suicides and are all tragedies.  Hopefully after watching this, you can spread the word to help people in need.

A Moment of Reflection

At the end of every month, we encourage our participants to reflect on the moments that connect them with fellow classmates, staff, etc. Below are photos of one of those moments.

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BCCP Alum Visit Paul Robeson High School

BCCP alumnni Michael and Lateef visited our program to talk about their experiences at college (both in and out of the city). These young men are great role models for our students, and offered valuable advice on everything from choosing your classes to saving money on books to using your time well in high school to prepare for college.

President Barack Obama visits Paul Robeson Campus HS

For students and staff at Paul Robeson Campus HS, the most important highlight of the 2013-2014 academic year, at least in my opinion, is President Barack Obama’s grand visit, which will live in their memories for years. Below are photos of the spectacular event.

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I am by unknown

I am talented.

I wonder if I will be as great as the ones who came before me.

I hear people say that I am not up to their expectations.

I see people cheering me on later in the future.

I want to inspire people with the talents that have been hiding inside of me for years.


I am talented.

I pretend to be great even when I fail.

I feel that I am great, but do they think so?

I worry that when I fall, I’ll never get up.

I cry everyday that I think that I will keep on failing.


I understand my strengths and my weaknesses.

I say I am talented and that is why I’m great.

I dream to be even greater than the ones who led me to become who I am today.

I hope to never fail again.

I am talented.